Account Hierarchy Rollup in Einstein Analytics &

October 14, 2017

The power of Einstein Analytics is the ability for end users to have set of facetable , on platform and externally sourced data embedded anywhere on the Salesforce platform. With this we create actionable widgets where an end user can focus, gain context and intelligence right where they are working.

Nothing is more important to a Salesperson when they jump to an opportunity page or Account page is it to see a “Customer 360 View” so that they are informed about, current cases or number of cases , whether the account has paid its latest invoice and what the Accounts competitors are doing when interacting with your company.

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SOQL now in Salesforce Analytics Cloud Wave Dashboards

OK - So this is kinda big deal as of Spring 17 we now have the ability to have a SOQL query step in an Analytics Cloud dashboard. There are so many use cases from business that we can utilise this functions. With this new functionality not only can we query Salesforce direct but with External Objects and Odata we can also query external systems again - this is a massive deal.

I want to show 2 quick examples of this new functionality that make this super powerful. The first is an Opportunity SOQL query where we will rank all of the opportunities on our Salesforce org. We can then select one and it will facet an account widget. The second, we are going to 

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Multiple Measures on a Timeseries Chart - Salesforce Analytics Cloud - SAQL

A question I get asked a lot is how we can place multiple measures on a single time series graph in Analytics cloud. This can be achieved really quickly in SAQL / PIGQL.

The idea here is to project each measure for each line on the graph then add an extra column to the projection essentialy for grouping the graph. Once we have both of our measures projected we then union these projection sets to combine them.

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MVC - Bindings to create SAQL queries in a step

This post is to detail a strategy for Analytics Cloud Dashboards that allow the maximum information to be shared in an efficient space framework as possible.

This post started near on Two Years Ago :) When we needed to figure out how to have 5 widgets on a page but change groupings and measures acorss the whole dashobard on the fly... I now see that a large of this has been added into the Bindings 2.0 Document which is great news... it is acataully a hard model to share with users who need to continue to support once a dashboard has been handed over. This idea of me writing this blog was to get it out of drafts list which it has been since for a while now.

Again the idea here is that depending on what we are wanting to understand on the dashboard , we can change all of the data , widgets and how they are individually displayed on demand.

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