New Salesforce Analytics App for iPhone

This week saw the release of an updated version of the Salesforce Analytics / Salesforce Wave iPhone application. The release featured a number of updates and new features. Updates can be found here via the official App Store detail - Salesforce Analytics iPhone

The Salesforce Analytics app update included the following:

  • View dashboards and lenses on Apple Watch
  • Add CSV data to your local playground with the Data Connector
  • Create dashboards with the mobile Dashboard Designer
  • 26 languages now supported
  • Added new chart type: stacked bar
  • Standard bar chart shows up to 2 groupings now
  • Added the dashboard date picker widget
  • Tap back to return to Salesforce1 from a link
  • Choose to scale axis to fit data in line charts using β€œfit” attribute
  • Compound filter support
  • Toggle and list widgets support shortened number format
  • Dashboard bindings now support the field() operation

Out of this great list of additions to the app my favourite is the ability to pull any CSV into the Salesforce Analytics iPhone application, view and interrogate the data. A video of this can be seen below:

There are a number of reasons why this is exciting. For one Salesforce Analytics is a mobile first platform, the ability for end users to be able to pull any dataset whether it be from Salesforce 1, the internet, email etc is amazing! The possibilities are endless for data citizens moving towards a data driven environment.

Another reason is the ability to drill ,discover and consume insights when on a mobile device. Mobile devices are fast becoming the "first" screen in our lives. Having the ability to drive decisions all from one device that is portable and integrated into other platforms is very powerful.