How to test a SAQL query on Salesforce Analytics Cloud

One of the most useful tools when implementing Salesforce Analytics Cloud is the SAQL Query Tester. The query tester essential takes simply PigQL or SAQL query and POSTS that query to Salesforce Analytics cloud. The query editor can be found here: SAQL Query Tester

Finding a SAQL Query in Chrome developer tools.

The first step in using the tool to test a query is finding a query that is generated by Analytics Cloud. This can be done by using the Chrome Developer tool, and inspecting a response packet. Using Chrome Developer Tools, we choose Network, teh filter by Remote and look at a response packet after running a Query. In this example shown in the picture we have done a grouping of Carriers on the "ontime" dataset which has pulled back the following query:

Which looks like the following:


Installing the SAQL Query Tool.

In order for us to test a query on Analytics cloud we need to usethe query editor - SAQL Query Tester

Once on the page drag and drop the bookmarklet onto the chrome browser favourites toolbar. Once you are on a Analytics cloud lens, press the bookmark and it will open up the SAQL tester.


Querying Analytics Cloud with the SAQL Tester.

Now that we have the query editor open and using the query that we found previously in the Chrome developers tool, we paste it into the input section on the query tester. Should the query have the right syntax it will return a response from the Analytics Cloud, that looks similar to the graph that Analytics Cloud built.


Watchpoints when using the SAQL Tester

  1. The SAQL tester will only use the dataset ID/Version ID and won’t allow you to use the dataset alias.

  2. You must take out the “ “ from both the start and end of the query when copying from the Dev tools, otherwise the query won’t work

  3. Ensure that the dataset ID has a syntax like the following \"08939303/BF098409380498309:\". Having 1 slash at the start and end of the ID is required for the SAQL Tester to work.


The below video is to show the process of using the SAQL Query Tool.