#Excited - Trifacta released a desktop version of its data wrangling tool

Last week at the tableau conference, Trifacta released their desktop version of the data wrangling tool. This tool is amazing! If you need a tool where you can quickly upload a number of datasets and do joins, aggregations and transforms quickly in a easy to use graphical interface this is the tool for you.

The offical announcement of the tool can be found here:


Transforming OnTime dataset

Transforming OnTime dataset

To get your hands on the tool, follow this link:


There are some limitations to the client side tool vs implementing the full version of Trifacta on hadoop. The main one of these is the size of the files you can tranform locally. There is a 100MB limit per file, which you when trying to transform large data, there are some ways around this for example splitting your files and running the same tranformation on them. However if you need more than 100MB tranforms it is likely that you would probably be best with the enterprise version anyway.

I mainly use this for pre sales, where I gather client information exported from legacy systems and augment / transform them , ready for import into Salesforce Analytics Cloud. Although we can do some of the tranformations on platform , it is easier to visualise the tranforms and the data in the trifacta interface due to its innovative preview feature and its awesome histogram views for the columner data within a dataset.