Graphs from Custom Calculations using Compare Table and Flex Designer

A common question when upskilling end users on Analytics Cloud is how they can make graphs from custom calculations. It turns out you can... Using the new flex designer and the compare table.

Jump to the Analytics Cloud homepage.


Next step is to click on the create button in the top right hand corner of the Analytics Cloud homepage.


From the "Choose a dashboard template" menu, select the "Blank Dashboard in the Flex Dashboard Desginer" template.


Once in the new dashboard , from the menu in the top right, choose "Create Step"


This will open up a lens, that will allow you to build out the calculation for the graph. First Step is to choose the compare table from the graph types menu.


Once we have selected the compare table , we now need to create our calculation. The idea here is to add all of the columns - Measures and Groupings that you would like to see in the final graph. In this example because I am using the OnTime dataset. I have grouped by all the carriers. I then am going to add two measures. One for sum of Airtime and the next column for Sum of Destination.


Once we have created the columns for Sum of Airtime and Sum of Destination I create an extra column. For this one we click on the drop down on the new column and goto Edit Column Formula and Format.


We can now insert the formula for the column that we selected. In this case we are going to make it really simple. The formula is A / B. A is the first column ( Sum of Airtime ), B is the second Column ( Sum of DistanceMiles ). We can change the display format down the bottom however in this exmaple we are keeping it as a number.


Once we have entered our formula we can prless done. We are then met with the edited column as per below:


We then press save and are met with the following measure selection screen. This screen allows us to choose which measures we would like to graph. Keeping in mind each graph choice have different requirements around single and multiple measures. In this case we want to simply choose the A / B option. We only want to show out custom calculated measure.


Now that we have saved our lens with our calculated measure, our new lens is in the right handside lens pallet. We can now drag this onto a graph widget and display the results.


Lens results as per below, We have the Carrier Dimension and the A / B Measure.