How to use SAQL / PIGQL in new Flex Designer Tables - Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Recently Salesforce Analytics Cloud had the Flex Designer go Generally Available in the product.. and with that there is a new Table / Compare table syntax. Before on a compare table.. you could add a SAQL query into each column and you would have something that looked like this:

This is no longer the case.. we now have a syntax that is a mix between the Raw Data Table and the Compare table syntax for Classic view and there is an issue now that according to error messages in the flex designer that we can no longer use SAQL in the Compare Table columns. Ala …


There is a new syntax.. in simple terms.. .you have to now project all of the columns in a SAQL query at the start of the step and then project results that are now carried down to a column. The new syntax can be seen below, we are basically:

  • Loading a dataset
  • writing a SAQL query that includes a grouping and multiple measures
  • In the “Column” area we receiving the grouping and plotting the measure for the column that the query is projecting to

As you can see in the below code, we have in the measures section both the projected measure and the column . The Column must be called A, B, C , D etc when you are projecting the measure otherwise use see the following issue where no measures show up in the column:


The new query structure for the new table is as follows:

and the table including the SAQL query should look like this: