SOQL now in Salesforce Analytics Cloud Wave Dashboards

OK - So this is kinda big deal as of Spring 17 we now have the ability to have a SOQL query step in an Analytics Cloud dashboard. There are so many use cases from business that we can utilise this functions. With this new functionality not only can we query Salesforce direct but with External Objects and Odata we can also query external systems again - this is a massive deal.

I want to show 2 quick examples of this new functionality that make this super powerful. The first is an Opportunity SOQL query where we will rank all of the opportunities on our Salesforce org. We can then select one and it will facet an account widget. The second, we are going to graph data from an external system. Both of these can be recreated in a Dev org - Dev orgs allow for an external data connection ala oData.


The above video takes you through the SOQL Query , the SAQL step and the the Selection Bind to join the two graphs together. I have provided the code below:

Next we have a video showing you how to setup an OData connection and create external data objects in Salesforce. Once we have synced tables from the external source, we can then query these and plot on a lense in Analytics Cloud. This is an awesome option if you need "Realtime" data from a erp for example SAP. The downsides to this are for example drillability and a slightly longer query time. However lots of businesses require this functionalility.