Cant Access Dashboard JSON

I was editing some daashboard JSON this week, and must of used the incorrect syntax for one of the new Bindings 2.0. I was then met with an issue where I couldnt access my dashboard JSON.

I was met with no errors or anything... and I couldnt access my code to fix the binding issue.

I spoke to Geoff Rothman who mentioned that there is a URL trick to get access back to the JSON. Shown in the GIF below.. you can remove the /edit from the dashboard URL and replace with /json

Thanks Geoff!


The Ultimate Transitioning to Bindings 2.0 from Bindings 1.0 Guide.

This post inspired by and a large nod to [Robert Houston][1] whose nickname in our ecosystem is The Wolf. Most likely the best technical person on our platform. The Wolf recently wrote a piece I saw comparing Bindings 1.0 and Bindings 2.0 - this post is a view of this for the community. The idea of this post is to show all steps needed to build a full dashboard in Bindings 2.0 then show a comparison of Bindings 1.0 and Bindings 2.0 in a Copy/Paste scenario for reference. 

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How to use SAQL / PIGQL in new Flex Designer Tables - Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Recently Salesforce Analytics Cloud had the Flex Designer go Generally Available in the product.. and with that there is a new Table / Compare table syntax. There is a new syntax.. in simple terms.. .you have to now project all of the columns in a SAQL query at the start of the step and then project results that are now carried down to a column.

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Using autoFilter to facet SAQL / PIGQL queries on your Dashboard from other compact form steps in Salesforce Analytics Cloud

A few releases ago, the Analytics Cloud Product team introduced a feature called autoFilter. This was introduced to make it easier to have your SAQL steps facet on selections of compact from steps without having to add in all of the selection bindings. 

I myself , have been in the situation previously.. where my whole dashboard is compact form - however I needed a graph that was a calculation , I would then go through the process of making all of the selection bindings to make sure that all of the graphs faceted in the same way on the page. In the end.. I would usually just build everything in SAQL for consistency sake.. so I got a really good work flow happening with just doing SAQL straightway.. anyway…. you may no longer need to do this.. as autoFilter maybe useful in a number of scenarios that were before destined to be time spent doing selection bindings.

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