Adjusting Dashboard JSON, Dataset XMD and Querying datasets in Analytics Cloud

There are a number of ways to edit the variety of JSON files that are required for Analytics Cloud. These include in the UI, API , external editors and manually via text editor and uploading.

For those looking for the a great tool, that allows you to edit a number of these Wave componenents using an online tool. Have a look at

This is an unmanaged package that includes the following:

  • Visual ETL flow editor - Super helpful for building and editing already created ETL flows.
  • XMD Editor - This is a great tool, that breaks down the different XMD sections for a dataset and allows you to quickly edit them.
  • JSON Workbench - A JSON Analytics Cloud Dashboard editor , that checks syntax, and providers "JSON Helpers" when you are looking to insert Steps, Widgets etc.
  • SAQL Editor - I use this the most, out of all the tools. The SAQL editor offers a quick and easy way to see all of your datasets, identify dimensions and measures, and use the Code Snippets to build our a SAQL query. I prefer this to the inbuilt Query Editor in the Flex Dashboard in Analytics Cloud.
  • Snapshot Tool - Allowing you to create snapshots
  • Templates - Something I dont use, but helpful for end users - Templates for previously built dashboards.

For those just wanting a couple of these tools, and dont want to wait / signup for the unmanaged package process.. many of the above tools are available as part of a unmanaged Heroku app. This can be found here:

The tools I use here are mainly the JSON editor and the SAQL editor. There is also a XMD editor included in this version of the Heroku app. When you goto the link above you should be met with the following page.


Once you have chosen the type of instance you are logging into, you will then be met with a page of tools, that are acceptable as per above.